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During the Covid period, every organization is facing financial challenges & no company is willing to invest much in IT Sector but on the other hand every logistics & transport company requires quality online solution that supports their business and help them in their growth. To overcome this problem GreenSoft is introducing Logixperts.com, a SaaS based Software for the Industry, Logixperts.com has all SaaS Benefits

Logixperts.com promises you to deliver best of its solution and services with the experience of over 15 years in the industry. We have designed our solution in very economical way so that it can be in a reach of any logistics & transport company being a start-up company or established organization, it has all the modules & features that organizations are looking forward to control their business and growth

SaaS Benefits

Any software implementation requires research, lots of efforts, strong technical team, infrastructure & heavy cost of development, and it is not easy for all the companies to put such kind efforts and cost of development. Keeping all these things in mind and to provide affordable online solution for logistics & transport industry, GreenSoft has developed Logixpert.com which is India’s first true SaaS based online solution for logistics & transport industry

Ease of Accessibility

SaaS software is deployed on secured high end servers and you can access your data anytime - anywhere. You just need to login to the solution through browser or Mobile Application.

Easy to deploy

SaaS is very different from traditional model because the application is pre-installed and ready to use, you just need to register yourself and access the application in couple of minutes and this saves lots of time & effort which is spent on traditional installations and configurations

Cost effective

SaaS provides cost advantages also, since it is developed for the domain/industry and deployed in shared environment which directly reduces the cost of Server & Licensing. It has a very low maintenance cost since the cost of software and infrastructure is split among all customers using the solution.

Dynamic Solution

SaaS based solutions are developed for the industry and offers almost all the feature that is required by the industry. Such solutions are skilfully developed over the years and has many advantages over company specific software. SaaS based software are always developed with latest techniques and technology that can assist their customer in their growth. SaaS solutions are very scalable provides integration to other applications also.


SaaS model provide upgrades to the solution and is automatically available to the customers and also offers new features and upgrades that customer can opt for implementation..

Online Support

Provide instant online chatting with our executive to support you and resolve your queries, it provide complete documentation on the modules through videos and documents uploaded in YouTube channel. Our module documentation can easily be viewed while using the application..

Every model has advantages and disadvantages, we have observed few of the main advantages of SaaS model, now lest have some view on SaaS disadvantages, which are actually NOT A DISADVANTAGE with logixperts.com unique architecture.

1. Data Security

Since data of the customer are stored in shared enjoinment and probably on the same server, every customer has doubt about the security of the data. Now with Logixperts.com we have taken all the necessary steps to secure the customer information and has limited access to the servers.

Logixperts.com model allow customer to deploy their data in their own environment also and anytime they can opt for the data migration.

2. Low Performance

There can be instance that customer feel on the performance of the application is not as per expectations or their data has increased over the period and wants to overcome the performance issues.

Logixperts.com model offer different grade of servers the customer and anytime they can opt for change in server grade so that performance can be enhanced.

3. Ownership

In SaaS model, vendor controls everything and you are fully dependent on the vendor, which can be very challenging for the customer and may want to control the ownership & move out of SaaS Model.

Logixperts.com allows their customer to deploy complete application(published version) & database on their own set of server, they can have both application and database deployed in their environment anytime.

Many organizations may feel that SaaS based software has limitation on customization that may affect their growth and required upgrades may not be available or required customizations may not be developed, but with our expertise we have configured our solution in a way that it can be easily customized as per the requirements and is very scalable and the solution can be designed as per requirements

Our Modules

Application Administration

Application Parameterization & Setup Creating Company Profile.

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Stationery Inventory

Inventory is considered an asset, and as such is recorded on a company's balance sheet. Developing an accurate valuation for the balance sheet requires..

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Mobile Application

Greentrans is the easy-to-use alternative to spreadsheets and outdated Mobile Application software designed to help you automate Mobile Application operations.

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Mobile Applications

You can download logixperts.com mobile application from Google Play Store for android phones and App Store for iPhone, our mobile application offers

Our Mobile Apps are also customizable as per requirements. You can get your own Mobile application for your customers, click on Customer Application to learn More. Download Now Coming Soon

Shipment Tracking

Booking Of A Shipment

Upload Booking Shipment Image

Dispatches & Arrivals


transport  software

Prepare Delivery Run Sheet

POD Entry With Sign and Image Upload

Undelivered Entry With Image Upload

Various Enquiries (GR/Manifest/ Lorry Hire)

Various MIS

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Online Support And Training

Logixperts.com provide instant online chatting with our executive to support you and resolve your queries, it provide complete documentation on the modules through videos and documents uploaded in YouTube channel. Our module documentation can easily be viewed while using the application.

You can generate your issues / customization / support ticket from the application and can easily view the status of your ticket anytime.

You can pre-register yourself for training and our executive will provide you online training as per schedule.

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